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Just because you’ve launched a new website doesn’t mean it is going to start attracting new businesses right away. As much as it takes time, it is also a methodological process that one needs to be aware of to increase traffic to the website. There are certain basic essentials that one needs to tick by for the website to start performing business wise. Here are a few reasons why your site might not be earning well for you yet.

Poor SEO practices: New businesses come alive online every day, and to get noticed, you’ve to put the word out. And it has to be strong and consistent. SEO is the key for Google to consider you worthy and let the world know about you. If you haven’t considered the keyword search in website, analyzed the words that the customers search more often online and included those words in the title/meta tags of the site apt, then it’s not a surprise that the site hasn’t picked up yet. A strong SEO architecture is a must for effective business activity to flourish in your website. Poor content strategy: If you manage to get past the first step of getting your site noticed, say you have a good SEO system in practice. The user is there on your site, great! But then, the next real thing that would make the user stay hooked to your site is the content. Right from what appears on the landing page, the content that the user gets to navigate through has to be really catchy and sensible. If the content is not strategized properly, then chances are that the user might flip out of your website after a few second. That means no business. You don’t want that, do you?

Boring templates: No one wants to feel like they’ve seen your website somewhere already, in some other’s name. That’s what happens when you buy a ready-made website template online and host it. They are so many users downloading the same template and building their websites. Apart from this duplication issue, the templates will annoy the customers too, for they’ll be run through the standard options when browsing. A little surprise is all it takes for the user to be hooked on. That’s where customized website designs win hands down.

Weak promotional strategy: Now that you have your website, the world needs to know about it too. From emails to social media, it is important to smartly plan your promotional strategy and spread the word. Do not confuse advertising with promotions. Remember you have to build relationships with your website, not just advertise. All the promotions have to be backed by strong graphic design and online marketing collaterals.

Lifeless layout: Last but not the least, if the site by itself is not looking good or working good, then there is no one to blame but yourself for not building an impactful site. A website that lacks in aesthetics and functionality will not earn profits for you, but damage the reputation of your brand. It has to connect with the user and deliver a personal experience. So make sure you have the best heads working on it. Now these are few of the reasons one can consider. All you need is an experienced website developing team who make sure you don’t have to face any of them. That’s what we do at Designpluz. With our team of experts, we specialize in web design and web development services spinning over a wide range of verticals in the Industry. We understand what it takes to create that long lasting first impression, and make your website do magic for you. Contact us for a free quote. Check more @

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