Some Network Questions and Answers

  1. Which of the following types of media uses the RJ-45 connectors?
    a. RG-8
    b. RG-58
    c. Cat5 UTP
    d. Fiber Optic
  2. You have been called to help fix a network. Every computer is down and there is no network access. Which type of topology do you think this network is if the outage is caused by a break in the wire?
    a. Ring
    b. Bus
    c. Star
    d. Mesh
  3. Which if the following type of cable has is constructed from a central copper conductor, surrounded by insulation that is surrounded by a mesh and finally encased by a outer cover?
    a. RG-58
    b. Cat 3
    c. Cat 5
    d. Fiber optic
  4. Which of the following commands can be used to view the MAC address of a computer?
    a. Chkdsk
    b. Dir
    c. Ipconfig
    d. Ping
  5. How many pairs of wires are there in a CAT5 wire using a rj-45 connector?
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4
  6. Which of the following devices can be used to break a network into 2 segments and filter traffic?
    a. Repeater
    b. Gateway
    c. Hub
    d. Bridge
  7. Which of the following devices can function as a bridge but has multiple ports?
    a. Gateway
    b. Repeater
    c. Switch
    d. Router
  8. Which of the following equipments is used in a Star topology?
    a. Repeater
    b. Hub
    c. Bridge
    d. Brouter
  9. Which layer of the OSI is used for assembling and disassembling data?
    a. Application layer
    b. Transport Layer
    c. Physical Layer
    d. Network Layer
  10. Which of the standards defines a Wireless Network?
    a. 802.2
    b. 802.3
    c. 802.11b
    d. 802.5
  11. Using a windows computer which of the following is necessary to access a windows network?
    a. Protocol
    b. Client
    c. Adapter
    d. Sharing
  12. Bus network uses a ————- topology.
  13. Star network uses a ————- topology
  14. Cat5 UTP cable provides —– speed.
  15. Which command can be used to set an IP address from DOS.
    a. Getmac
    b. Diskpart
    c. Cipher
    d. netsh
  16. What is the net view command used ofr?
    a. To view IP addresses of all network nodes.
    b. To view computer names of all network nodes.
    c. To send a message to a network node.
    d. None of the above.
  17. Which command can be used to send a message from the RUN command?
    a. Net send
    b. Net view
    c. Net share
    d. Net time
  18. How can we open net meeting from the run command?
    a. Cont
    b. Fonc
    c. Calc
    d. Conf


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