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Serving a number of industries over the course of decades requires the need to be quick on one’s feet, provide only the highest quality, and be able to be diverse in the product/service one provides. As such, top-tier cable & wire manufacturers have had to fully embrace the variety of cables they’ve had to make to meet a vast array of applications.

High on the list of revolutionary products to come from this need to meet demand has been the development of ribbon cables. Unless you’ve looked inside of your home PC or television, you’ve likely never seen one of these cables. However, their development has been crucial to the skyrocketing ease of data transmission & communications in today’s technology. In fact, ribbon cables are found just about everywhere there is any kind of technology in an industry. For example:

Computers – Nearly a quarter into the 21st century, it’s hard to imagine any industry not using some form of computation. Whether it’s laptops in the field, desktops in the office, or even fax machines & printers, ribbon cables are at the heart of all computational technology.

Aerospace/Military – The primary use of ribbon cable over more traditional cable forms is to save space. When it comes to aerospace & military applications, there’s always a need to have astoundingly high performance without a lot of extra weight. Also, it has to be easy to repair, replace, and upgrade over time.

Medical Equipment – As modern medicine has taken healthcare into areas once thought impossible, ribbon cables have lead the way. Machines that can provide life-saving tasks are now mobile, accurate, and able to communicate across distances.

Industrial Electronics – Automation in factory settings has changed the way business is done across every industry in the world. Without the use of hi-tech ribbon cable technology, the speed & accuracy with which machinery operates would only be a pipe dream.

Consumer Electronics – Perhaps the most notable of industries that has radically changed the world, consumer electronics has, in essence, forced technology to keep up with the needs & wants of the consumer-at-large. Smaller, faster, easier to navigate tech that remains connected to the world via the internet is at its highest demand. Due to their flexible nature & powerful transmission capabilities, ribbon cables have been called upon to do some very heavy lifting.

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