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A Proposal for Conducting Training of Trainers Course on Entrepreneurship Development for Technical Instructors

Prepared for:

Vocational and Skill Development Training Center (VSDTC)Bhainsepati, Lalitpur

Prepared by:

Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI)Tripureshwor, Kathmandu
1 January 2014

1.        Introduction

The Vocational and Skill Development Training Center (VSDTC) has been conducting various vocational and skill development training packages so as to enhance technical skills of people interested to go for gainful employment. The graduates trained by VSDTC have mostly been absorbed by various industries in Nepal as their employees however, some of them have also been observed running micro and small enterprises in different parts of the country.
The graduates who go for enterprises have employed themselves under self-employment scheme on the one hand. On the other, they have been contributing to reduce the unemployment problem of the country by creating employment opportunities in their enterprises. But the number of graduates entering into self-employment activities is significantly low because of inadequate knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship.
It is obvious that if, some one intends to start an enterprise s/he should be enterprising for which knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship is Must. Technical skill is important however, knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship can play pivotal role to enhance confidence of technical graduates to select, establish and run an enterprise successfully,
Promotion and development of micro-enterprises under self-employment scheme as one of the sustainable sources of income needs adequate customized support services to capacitate entrepreneurs to establish and run micro and small enterprises in an enterprising way. With this in mind, VSDTC has planned to enhance capacity of technical instructors by organizing a Training of Trainers Course on Entrepreneurship Development. Hence, this is a proposal  prepared and submitted to VSDTC by Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI) to conduct a 8 days Training of Trainers (ToT) on Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) for the technical instructors.

2.        Objective

The overall objective of conducting the proposed ToT on Entrepreneurship Development is to develop capacity of the technical instructors of VSDTC in implementing Entrepreneurship Development Training so as to inculcate entrepreneurial skills among vocational graduates and Nepalese youths interested to start enterprises. .
The specific objective of the proposed training program are;

  • To develop entrepreneurial competency of participants,
  • To enhance their business planning skills and knowledge,
  • To improve their knowledge and skills in small business management,
  • To enhance their presentation skills, and
  • To develop their knowledge and skills in professional teaching techniques

3.        Methodology

Methodologies to be used in the proposed training program will be based on adult learning and participants will have conducive environment to equally take part in the discussion session. Practical exercises, games, role play, group and individual assignments, etc. will be introduced to make the training lively, participative and meaningful.
4.        Curriculum

A curriculum for the proposed 8 days ToT on EDP training is in annex B. The curriculum proposed for this training events has been developed based on the experience of IEDI however, the curriculum will be finalized after incorporating comments and suggestions from the concerned personnel of VSDTC.

5.        Number of participant

There will be around 15 to 20 participants in a training event.
6.        Venue and date

The training event will be organized in a training hall of VSDTC. The date for the training event will be from 23rd to 30 January 2014.
7.        Resource Person

IEDI will provide two senior resource persons for the proposed training event, who are well experienced in conducting Training of Trainers Course on Entrepreneurship Development and have wider exposure in the areas of human resource development in entrepreneurship and enterprise development field.
8.        Responsibilities of VSDTC

The VSDTC will be responsible for the following things;

  • Participants
  • Venue
  • Training hall
  • Stationery for participants
  • Teaching equipment and materials for trainers
  • Tea and lunch (refreshment) for the participants during the training
  • Photocopy of reading materials
  • Supporting and logistic services
  • Certificates

9.        Responsibilities of IEDI:

  • Two resource persons
  • Master copy of reading materials

10.      Budget

The budget for the proposed ToT on EDP is as follows

1Program Coordination30,000
2Preparation and material development12,000
3Training conduction276,00084,000
4Transportation for trainers272503,500
5Report Writing12,000
7Institutional service charge @ 10%14,150

Note:The overall Program coordination will be done by VSDTC likewise, training preparation and report writing will be done jointly by IEDI and VSDTC.

Annex ACourse Schedule for Training of Trainers on Entrepreneurship Development  

DateFirst sessionSecond sessionThird sessionFourth session
1Introduction, Levelling of expectationsIntroduction to IGA, Self  employment andBusinessProblems and prospects of micro enterpriseSelf assessment & Development
2Risk Taking ExerciseRisk Taking ExerciseExperience Sharing of Successful EntrepreneurCreativity, Assessing Business Opportunities and Brainstorming
3Macro and Micro SelectionBusiness Management GameConcept of Business Management and Marketing Management Introduction to Business Plan and Marketing Plan
4Production PlanCosting/Pricing and Organization Management PlanFinancial PlanTips for Field trip for Information Collection
5Preparation of Business Plan, CoachingPreparation of Business Plan, CoachingPreparation of Business Plan, CoachingPreparation of Business Plan, Coaching
6Business Plan Presentation and Feed BackBusiness Plan Presentation and Feed BackTeaching Methodology and SLEModel of Teaching MIAC and  Lesson Plan Preparation
7Training ManagementPresentation Skill and Use of Teaching AidsIndividual Session Plan PreparationWrap up, Training Evaluation and Closing
8Life Skill(VSDTC)Life Skill(VSDTC)Life Skill(VSDTC)Life Skill(VSDTC)

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