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ThemeAtlas is one of the leading website templates marketplaces online all over the world, it has a varied reach of acceptance because of its awesome theme graphics and functionality. Well, it’s a fact that ThemeAtlas is the biggest marketplace for WordPress themes by far from other competitors. Cosmo Solutions is a company that is driving in the background, it helps individuals who are interested in blogging to learn and earn money online using its platform. Cosmo Solutions‘ main location in India, but because of its huge operations across the world – it had a large client base in different locations. ThemeAtlas Review in detail will make you sleep, so I would personally feel like to share some useful information with you.

Theme Functionality

When it comes to functionality ThemeAtlas had world-class developers in designing WordPress themes. So never think about functionality when you landed in ThemeAtlas to buy one. They had one of the best tech resources absorbed by ThemeAtlas from its developer’s network. Tools provided by them will answer all your queries most of the time.


  • Site Templates
  • PSD Templates
  • Plugins
  • WordPress
  • CMS
  • ECommerce

ThemeAtlas supports and encourages individual developers, authors, and other contributors from all corners of the world. So you can expect thousands of WordPress themes with different author names. The Cosmo Solutions review team will make the final call on all the themes developed by authors because ThemeAtlas WordPress themes had huge expectations from its followers.

Content Management System (CMS) is the platform where WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento become popular. Individuals who are very much new to WordPress need to understand why it becomes widespread.

  • Switch and modify all access to data
  • Support easily store and recover data
  • Helps in decreasing duplicate input
  • Develop report writing on your site
  • Enhance web traffic to the site

ThemeAtlas Graphics: If you are looking for N number of choices in selecting the perfect theme for your blog, tech, business, eCommerce, magazine, news, entertainment, and other related categories. You will have more than 2800+ themes to choose from the ThemeAtlas site. As said above it had a wide network of authors and designers where they want to sell themes developed by them from various parts of the world. ThemeAtlas has WordPress themes from all the main categories.

WordPress – ThemeAtlas is one of the largest WP Themes online marketplace.

Joomla – Templates which are very much complete with full functionality and graphics from ThemeAtlas to create a perfect Joomla website.

ECommerce – Running an eCommerce website or portal is not that using without sound knowledge but ThemeAtlas WordPress eCommerce store themes will give you everything in one shot.

Site Templates – Themes fully designed by using HTML, CSS, and Web templates

Popular WordPress Themes – Some very popular WP Themes like Uniconsy, UltraShop, SkyLark, CartMarket, Naturish, and TrioLife.

Responsive HTML Template – Editorial is the perfect responsive template designed by William Author, coded in HTML, Jquery, and css3.

Creative – Individual bloggers, if you want some beautiful creative WordPress themes then you find a lot on ThemeAtlas Creative page. One of the famous themes is CartMarket responsive one page.

Blog/Magazine – Exclusively for the blogger who wants to start a new blog with a goal set, you can look into this blog/magazine category.

Browse Categories – Navigation is like a cakewalk to newbies who enter the ThemeAtlas site straightaway. Goto browses categories or list categories and from there if you click on any of the categories below mentioned, you can find what exactly you are looking for in TA.

All Categories – News, eCommerce, technology, creative, blog, non-profit, magazine, corporate, entertainment, retail business, BuddyPress, miscellaneous, responsive, html5, and many others.

Login – Just signup with ThemeAtlas to get the latest and updated news every day. You will also have the access to go through all products in different categories once you register with them. Just enter your username, password, and email address to create an account.

Affiliate Program – You need to create a Cosmo Solutions account to become an affiliate for ThemeAtlas. For each referral link, you will get 30% once the customer purchases any product. Go through complete ThemeAtlas Affiliate Program details.

FAQ – Well maintaining this page is difficult, so a lot of other theme providers never publish this page. But ThemeAtlas which is one of the leading marketplaces for themes provides maximum information here for customers and visitors.

Forums – not ever Theme Company will have this kind of forum for discussions, you will see site feedback, Notices, item requests, item discussion, Global off-topic, all marketplaces here. Lots of information as the count of authors increases.

Testimonials – If you go through some of the feedbacks ThemeAtlas got from its clients, customers, and bloggers – You will have an out and out understanding of what the ThemeAtlas site is all about. If you have time, go through site feedback.

Make Money – Want to become an Author and join the ThemeAtlas community then you have an opportunity ready. Design, develop new products, and use Cosmo Solutions marketplace to sell your work with confidence and make money online.

ThemeAtlas Support – 24×7 everyday support you can expect from the ThemeAtlas site but here you have to remember a couple of things. Firstly never expect support from TA Support Team directly, instead, you will get help from the developer or author of that particular product. Sometimes it might take days to resolve your query and don’t expect immediate solutions from them. But Theme Documentation and Discussion Section will help customers to get instant support if developers are hearing you live.

Theme Pricing – Find themes from basic to the expert range, but ThemeAtlas gives you the best discount price for all themes available.

Payment – Choose to pay via PayPal or credit card: Master Card, American Express, Visa, and Discover.

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